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Oops, I Made a Mistake! How I Navigate Mistakes on the Journey to Beauty.

Have you ever stumbled through a moment, feeling like you're juggling live grenades? The live mishaps, the stumble on words, the not-so-perfect moments.

Well, I've been there, recently, in fact.

Let me take you behind the scenes of my latest and my very first Instagram live.

It was a blooper reel.😧😱

Yet, it turned out to be a lesson in confidence and beauty. (watch below)



The Backstory

It took me months to wrap my head around the idea of going live. Then, it took me 6 weeks to "plan."

Actually I spent those 6 weeks telling myself "You have to go live this week, You must represent your brand!"🤭🫣

I was all pumped up to motivate the people. I was eager to share about starting where you are at. I was ready to tell you that the perfect time does not exist.  It was a do this live now or never moment!

My heart was pounding. My palms were sweaty. I was excited and nervous. I was also ready to announce the release of our dazzling 2024 Spring Collection: "Bloom into Beauty."

The excitement was palpable until... it wasn't. Words tangled, nerves played hopscotch, memory failed, my light went out and........

Let's just say, it was far from the polished showcase I had envisioned! I swore everything seemed to be against me!

But, guess what? I kept going. I finished the race and I intend to do it again!!!!😄

Every week actually, for at least 10 minutes. So follow Bella Modal store on Instagram and Facebook. Turn on your notification bell so you never miss a thing from us!

I digress! Anyway, back to the story!

Blooms Amidst Blunders

Why am I sharing my epic fails with you? Well number one, I'm a whole human being and we make mistakes.

2) Like I managed to say on the live, to bloom into beauty you must first be a bud. Buds are not the prettiest things on a plant to look at. Yet, they are testaments to a growth that is progressive. They are also testaments to a beauty that is about to come- The flower.🌻

You see.......these awkward moments are fertilizers for growth. So I didn't fret too much when it happened. I learnt and endeavoured to be consistent in that growth because one day I will "Bloom into Beauty!" I will master those lives without fear.

To be very transparent I wanted to be extra cute for my live. I wanted a "hair-did" and I wanted to be in this cute 2 piece pants set.



As you can see that did not work out! But I did the live anyway!

Confidence – A Blooming Journey

One thing I do know though, is that to bloom into beauty you must have confidence. Fashion designers say that dressing a confident model is best, they always look amazing. It is not the clothes but the confidence.

But.........Confidence is not an overnight bloom, it is a journey.

This is why we at Bella Modal are persistent in building confidence in women - plus size women. Women who are afraid to try new styles that they secretly love. Like this one featured below! 



Be honest, how many of you ladies love this but say “No I can’t possibly wear that!”

Queen, when you are confident you wear the outfit. The outfit does not wear you!

I know this struggle though. Far to well  because I've been there and I want to help you out of “there”. I want to help you "Bloom into Beauty" and be the Queen you are.

From Oops to Blooms:

Fumbling, stumbling, and a little awkwardness. It's all part of the beautiful story we are crafting. Each one is a stepping stone, bringing us closer to the confident, beautiful souls we're meant to be.

It's okay to embrace those imperfections, those are the quirks that make our story unique. Somewhat like the fringes on this spring set.


Blooming Together

Reflecting on my live (go watch it now if you didn't👆🏽) I shared my "bud". The thing that I want to bloom!

I asked you to share one "bud" of yours in the comments section. That one thing you would like to see bloom into beauty.

Let's do this together and take part in a blooming challenge this spring. Let's be accountable! 

Let’s grow together! 

Let’s bloom together!

Let's turn those floral fumbles into a symphony of beauty.💐🌹🪻🌻

Embracing our quirks, and reveling in the journey of becoming confident.🤗

🥂So, here's to the oops, the blunders, and the imperfections – they're all part of our beautiful story. Here's to the floral fumbles that make our stories unique.

Queen, embrace the journey, embrace the quirks, and most important, embrace the beautiful, confident you!

Happy Blooming!

Bella Modal🌹🌻

 P.S - Feel free to drop a comment below and spread the inspiration by sharing this article with someone you think could use a dose of positivity and motivation! 🌟


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