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From Roses to Red Dresses: Why Red is the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Colour!

You’re not crazy!  It’s true! 
As January winds down and February opens up we see a sea of red in every area and in every piece of clothing!
But have you ever stopped to wonder why red for Valentine’s Day?
We’ve seen it for so long, we've taken the association of red on valentine’s Day for granted. We assume that it’s because it is the colour of the heart which is the centre of love. But, there is more to red! Here are 5 reasons!
Let’s dive in!
1) Red attracts the most attention. No, I didn’t make this up. The experts who study colour psychology and colour theory said this! Could you imagine walking into a restaurant on Valentine’s Day in this red outfit? You WILL have your date's full attention!
Don’t worry my shy queens, the colour red also gives you confidence. So this walk along the “red carpet” of that restaurant would not be a struggle. You will actually enjoy it!
Red is also the universal colour of strength, power, courage and danger! 
N.B. Politicians know this. That is why they almost always wear splashes of red in their clothing!
2) The colour red is energizing and exciting and motivates us to act. When you are lacking willpower wearing red helps to get you moving.
Many people feel down around this time of year for many reasons. They may not be in a relationship, their loved one may have passed away or, they are depressed. As a result they are not motivated to do anything.
But, psychologists say that wearing red lifts spirits and increases productivity.
Plus, you look cute doing it.
3) The color red is associated with strong emotions - love, anger, and passion. It is stimulating. It has a strong link to romance, sexuality, and increased appetites!
No wonder February is in the Top 5 months for conception! 🤗😉
This is also why many people spice things up in the bedroom around this time of year! They usually go the extra mile to express this passion and love to their significant other.
They do this by wearing sexy lingerie! Like this Spice Girl Fun Set Ladies Sexy Lingerie
Fun Fact: According to Greek Mythology, the goddess of love, Aphrodite, passionately loved Adonis. She craved him. When he was dying, she rushed to him but stepped on the thorns of a beautiful, lilly white rose. Her blood stained it completely red. This myth stated that her red blood upon this white rose created the first red rose on earth.
Her passion and love for him is now seen in the red and white colors portrayed at Valentine’s Day and this colour combination symbolizes unity.
4) Red evokes the emotion of importance and luxury. This connection dates back in history when people began developing textile dyes.
Red was the most luxurious, rare and expensive colour to own and wear, even for the wealthy. Kings and Queens wore red!
Red fabric was a special gift given to others or to self. Today, many of us still carry this belief.
We beam with pride when we own a pair of red bottoms. Those who don’t, desire to own a pair to capture that feeling.
Listen queen, this Valentines Day don't break the bank! Capture that feeling in a lovely red jumpsuit or dress for a fraction of the price.
5) Love is the colour of happiness, luck, prosperity and fertility in some cultures. In Chinese and Indian cultures they wear and decorate with red at auspicious occasions.
These include Chinese New Year and weddings.
At their weddings, red is usually the main color. They even encourage the bride to wear it. They believe it wards off evil spirits.
In this season, many people want to attract love, success, and happiness. Psychologists, cultures, and historical accounts say wearing red can help you with this!
But not only red is seen on Valentine’s Day. It is often paired with pink and white! Yes, they look absolutely gorgeous together!
But... it's not just that.
Some people don't have a significant other! Not everyone wants to celebrate romantic or eros love.
Some want to celebrate familial and friendly love.
So a pink like the one featured in this dress (below) is the colour used to celebrate this type of love. 
My queens, this Valentine's Day, whether you give a bouquet of red roses, wear a red dress, or add red to your decor, remember: this colour represents the power and beauty of love. 
Happy Valentine's Day!🌹❤️
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