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Unveiling The Trending Colours for Spring and Summer 2024

Queens, I am supper excited to share this topic with you!

Are you ready to paint your world with the hottest hues this season?

We've got the inside scoop on the must-have colours straight from the colour trend authorities, Pantone and Vogue. These powerhouses shape the hues that will dominate runways and your closets.

The colours chosen are not just about style; they embody the spirit of comfort and joy while mirroring the world around us.

So, let's dive into the vibrant world of Spring/Summer 2024 and explore the psychology behind these mesmerizing shades.

I recently did an Instagram Live on this topic where we delved into it!

We discussed, we learnt and came to a conclusion about whether Pantone and Vogue hit the nail on the head with what they want to promote this year!

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Pantone released a top 10 for their trending colours for Spring and Summmer 2024 as well as 5 classics!

Here they are!

Pantone's Trending Colour List for Spring and Summer 2024|Vogue|New York Fashion Week| Bella Modal

NB: I will be grouping the colours as much as possible as we explore!

1. Red Alert: Rooibos Tea Elegance

In the aftermath of Valentine's Day, the coluor red is stealing the spotlight. Beyond being an antioxidant powerhouse, Rooibos Tea Red is the embodiment of love and passion.

Check out our blog on why red dominates Valentine's Day here.

Reds don't play favourites; they pair flawlessly with yellow, white, orange, green, black, and the stunning blue – my personal favourite combination with red! Picture a chic red dress or jumpsuit with a bold blue – absolute perfection!

inspiration board showing trending colour for 2024 spring and summer rooibos tea (which is a red) jumpsuit with matching blue and white shoes and bag. along with stunning swarovski tennis bracelet and huggies earrings crossover ring set|Bella Modal

Featured above: * Swarovski Tennis Bracelet Huggies Earrings and Crossover Ring Set


2. Blues: A Symphony of Calmness and Inspiration

Dip into the calming ocean of blues, embodying calmness, peace, relaxation, wisdom, and inspiration. Picture slipping into a chic blue outfit on a stressful day- a calming antidote to the chaos of the day.

Darker blues like the Marlin in this top 10 trending colours for Spring and Summer 2024 definetly pair well with bold colours like white, red, pale pink (another fave combination of mine), yellow and light blue (loveeee!😍😍).

However, lighter blues like this set below pairs well with colours like white, grey, peach, pink and dark blue ( I've already shared my thoughts on this combo) .



3. Orangeade: Where Red Meets Orange in Perfect Harmony!

Say hello to Orangeade – the flawless fusion of red and orange! It's more than a colour; it's a mood booster with a fruity, citrusy touch.

Radiating optimism, happiness, and enthusiasm, this shade is a must-have. Pair it with natural tones or any shade of green for that perfect pop of energy!


4. Greens: Mint and Watercress Magic!

Chileeee, green is the color of tranquility, health, wellness, freshness, creativity, fertility, and good luck! No wonder leprechauns wear green!

So to good luck, good health and good wealth I'm definitely going to be getting this gorgeous FLORAL PLUS SIZE SEXY SUMMER MAXI DRESS (below) which is a new arrival to our Bloom into Beauty Spring Collection for 2024!



The lushness of green pairs seamlessly with classics like white, gray, beige, brown, and black. But hold on🫸🏽 – Vogue suggests going bold with purple this year! Stay tuned for the purple magic.


5. Purples: A Tale of Lilac and Deep Royalty!

Purple is my all time favourite colour because of what it represents- luxury, indepenence,early love, peace, pride, power, extravagance, dignity, mystery, power, creativity and of course royalty!

Pantone and Vogue differ slightly in the purple department this year. Pantone leans towards pastel Lilac, while Vogue goes deep with a rich, luxurious purple.

Both stunning choices, but the real twist is Vogue's suggestion to pair a deep purple like this fringe pants set with green!



However, deep purple plays well with black, navy blue, yellow, white, gold, and copper. Meanwhile, pastel Lilac dances gracefully with orange, green, grey, and yellow. Decisions, decisions!


6. Lemon Drop Yellow: A Splash of Sunshine and Happiness!

It's time to soak in the sunshine with Lemon Drop Yellow! This vibrant hue brings happiness, hope, laughter, and energy.


Whether as an accent or stealing the show, it surprisingly pairs well with grey and the Marlin blue. It's like wearing a ray of sunshine! Brighten up your day!


7. The Classics: White, Mushroom, Greys, and Browns

Pantone's classics – whites, mushroom, greys, and browns – are the foundations of a mindful wardrobe.

White symbolozes purity, freshness, cleanliness, wholeness and innocence. It is usally paired with a darker colour to create a beautiful contrast.

Mushroom represents uniqueness, the grey shades represent balance, neutrality and modesty. Greys pair well with white, pink, soft blue, vibrant yellows or reds

Browns, much like a sturdy tree trunk, represents strength, sustainability, nurturing, reliability, and dependability. The browns pair well with olive green, white, black, blue, and cream.

Pair these classics thoughtfully for a wardrobe that speaks volumes- creating stunning contrasts and well-balanced outfits!


Mindful Dressing for Plus Size Queens: Bloom into Beauty in Spring 2024! 🌷👑

Queens, as you step into Spring/Summer 2024, embrace mindful dressing.

Your outfit is your message to the world.🌎

Whether a casual day out or a special event, choose colours that align with your mood and intention.

Not sure? Swing back to this blog or catch our Instagram recording for a quick colour refresher.

Happy shopping, queens – you deserve it! 🛍️💖


P.S. Let us know if we are doing a good job by leaving a comment below!


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