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MAMI Printed Plush Sweater Set For Women

MAMI Printed Plush Sweater Set For Women

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Embark on a journey of athleisure sophistication infused with familial warmth in our MAMI Printed Plush Hooded Sweater Set For Women. "MAMI," a term resonating with the affectionate spirit of "mom", "attractive woman" or "close female friend" in Spanish, brings a sense of community and shared connections to this carefully crafted loungewear ensemble. Seamlessly integrating a stylish hooded sweater top and jogger pants, this set not only brings you ultimate comfort but also celebrates the essence of togetherness.

Embrace the fusion of contemporary prints and on-trend athleisure design, tailor-made to elevate your at-home wardrobe. Whether you're unwinding in plush luxury or heading out for casual outings, this set offers a snug fit that transcends comfort into a community embrace. Join our community of chic athleisure enthusiasts—shop now to optimize your lounging experience and become part of a community that values both style and familial connection!


  • KG: 1.2
  • LB: 2.6455
  • OZ: 42.3288

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