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Queen Printed Plush Hooded Sweater Set

Queen Printed Plush Hooded Sweater Set

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Unleash your inner royalty and indulge in regal elegance with our Queen Printed Plush Hooded Sweater Set for Women. Fit for a queen, this ensemble features a luxuriously crafted hooded sweater top (hoodie) and comfortable jogger pants, combining plush comfort and warmth with sophisticated style. Step into an aura of majesty as you redefine your loungewear experience. Whether you're relaxing at home or stepping out in style, this set promises a perfect balance of regal vibes and cozy chic. Elevate your downtime and reign supreme with an ensemble that's designed for queens who value both comfort and royal elegance.



  • KG: 1.2
  • LB: 2.6455
  • OZ: 42.3288

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